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Nitro Concepts S300 review

This budget gaming chair from the noblechairs subsidiary brand has a good price and a decent feature set, but it really needs to be more comfortable.

Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair review

Our Verdict


A decent-value gaming chair option, but it’s worth paying the extra money for more comfort.

Nitro Concepts is the low-cost sibling brand of noblechairs, offering gaming chairs in the range of $160-$299. The Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair is the top-of-the-line model, with the very slightly cheaper X1000 offering essentially the same features but in a flatter seat shape suited to larger sitters. Meanwhile, the cheaper C100 is a much more basic chair with fixed – though rather lusciously padded – armrests.

The most obvious feature you miss here over the pricier chairs on test is the more sophisticated recline system. Like the AKRacing California and Corsair T3 Rush, this Nitro Concepts chair limits you to either a locked upright position or free-floating recline, with the latter being badly balanced and requiring leg support or raising of the arms behind the head to sustain a tilt (depending on your body weight and shape, to an extent).

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The other main tick-box feature you don’t get is a leather or PU leather finish. Instead, you get a fabric covering, which is the only material available, although many color options are on offer. It’s a fairly coarse weave but not enough to be an irritant to bare legs or elbows.

It also feels tough enough to withstand plenty of abuse, but it inevitably won’t be as spill-resistant as leather and PU leather coverings. On the plus side, it’s warmer to the touch than those alternative materials on the first sitting.

You don’t get so-called 4D armrests here either. The ones on the S300 ‘just’ go, down, forwards, and back, as well as rotating from side to side – sideways sliding isn’t available. Ironically, this has allowed Nitro Concepts to actually provide by far the best-looking and best-feeling armrests of the group.

They’re still a bit on the hard side, but they’re softer than on the other chairs I’ve recently reviewed, and they have a simple, smooth, rounded-off shape. It also means the armrests are secure, with none of the annoying rattle and play in some ‘4D’ armrests I’ve tested.

Another cheaper element is the quality of the castors, which noticeably don’t glide as smoothly and easily as the other chairs I’ve tested recently. Otherwise, build quality is solid enough – this is still a clear step up from flimsy basic office chairs.

The chair’s shape has a more aggressive style, with pronounced wings on the sides to prevent you from falling foul of those Gs you’ll be pulling. However, unlike the Corsair T3 Rush and AKRacing Masters Series Premium, the wings aren’t so pronounced as to prod into my relatively modest frame.

The flat of the seat measures 39cm at the front and 32cm at the back, while the narrowest part of the backrest is 32cm. These are similar dimensions to those two aforementioned chairs, but the gentler slope of the wings relieves any pressure.

Letting the side down on the comfort front is the shortness and slightly raised front edge of the seat. It measures 48cm from front to back, which is only 2cm shorter than the longest seats, but because the front edge rises slightly, and because the padding isn’t all that soft, it slightly digs in under your thighs. Similarly, the lumbar support cushion is terrible. It’s overly hard, with far too steep a profile, and it ends up jutting into your back rather than gently supporting it. The little elasticated head cushion is fine though.

Nitro Concepts S300 pros and cons


  • Solid build quality
  • Low cost
  • Decent armrests


  • Not that comfortable
  • Basic recline system
  • Castors don’t glide smoothly

Nitro Concepts S300 price

Price: $299 (£259).

Nitro Concepts S300 review conclusion

In many ways, the Nitro Concepts S300 seems like quite a bargain. If you’re not fussed about having a chair that can tilt back easily, the core spec delivers most of the rest of the key features found on far more expensive models. However, under the surface, there are plenty of areas where the cost cutting shows. That said, it still offers decent value. It’s just a shame the main event – the seat cushion – isn’t all that comfortable.

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