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Logitech Lift review

The Lift is a smaller, cheaper alternative to the Logitech MX Master ergonomic mouse that's suited to smaller hands, though it has slightly fewer features too.

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Our Verdict


This vertical mouse is modestly priced and sized but we're not convinced of its ergonomic improvement claims.

The Logitech Lift is a new more compact variant of the company’s MX Vertical mouse, designed for users with smaller hands or smaller wallets – the MX Vertical costs $20 more than the Lift. The idea behind both these ergonomic mice is that they tilt your hand into a much more upright angle than typical mice, in order to reduce wrist and forearm pain.

Logitech Lift ergonomics

Conventional mice typically set your wrist at an angle of around 10 degrees from your desk, while some slightly more ergonomic mice, such as the Logitech MX Master, might open this angle up to around 25 degrees. However, the Lift goes all the way to 57 degrees.

The effectiveness of this change is immediately apparent but not all positive. Your wrist angle does indeed open up, reducing any inherent forearm aggravation. However, the way your hand grips the mouse can feel a little odd. Your fingers stretch out flat over the side with the buttons, rather than curling round, as they would when holding a joystick, for instance.

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We found this meant we had to grip the mouse with the meat of the palm to pull it back and lift it – as you need to do on occasion when you run out of mousemat area with a normal mouse – incurring more hand strain and decreasing dexterity and accuracy.

The switch to a different forearm angle also means you no longer rest your arm on the meatier muscular part of your forearm between the ulna and radius, but instead expose the side of the ulna to the surface of your desk. You can get round this by using a wrist rest, but these can limit your movements as your arm snags on the wrist rest. Raising your arm slightly so that it doesn’t rest on the desk can work too, but we didn’t find this comfortable as you have to bend your wrist back further.

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Instead, it feels like the Lift (and MX Vertical) could do with an extension on the back of the mouse to rest and slightly raise your hand away from the desk, such as on the Posturite Penguin. This would take the strain off your hands and fingers to grip the mouse, and protect your arm from rubbing on your desk.

Logitech Lift features

The Lift is available in both left and right-handed versions and comes in fetching pink and white shades, as well as grey. It has a basic feature set with five main buttons – left, right, middle/scroll, back and forward – along with a button for switching the DPI.

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This mouse also supports Logitech’s Flow technology, which uses the company’s Options software to allow you to transfer files between different devices that are connected to the mouse, which can be very handy. A button on the underside lets you cycle through the three connected devices. Here there’s also a hatch that houses the AA battery (that will last for up to two years) and a hole for the USB dongle. The Lift doesn’t support wired connection, unlike the MX Vertical.

Logitech Lift pros and cons


  • Smart appearance
  • Useful Logitech Flow features
  • Long battery life


  • Vertical design impairs movement
  • Only modest comfort improvement
  • No wired connection option

Logitech Lift specs

The Logitech Lift specs list is:

Weight 125g
Dimensions (mm) 70 x 108 x 71 (W x D x H)
Sensor Logitech optical (4,000 DPI)
Buttons 6 (left, right, scroll wheel, 2 x side buttons, DPI)
Cable None
Battery life Up to two years
Extras Connects to up to three devices, supports Logitech Flow

Logitech Lift price

The Logitech Lift price is $65, which is a little cheaper than the larger Logitech MX Vertical and much less than the Posturite Penguin vertical mouse. There are cheaper vertical mice but build quality of the Lift is far superior.

Price: Expect to pay $65 (£70)

Logitech Lift review conclusion

The Logitech Lift is a laudable attempt to create a relatively affordable vertical mouse design that’s better suited to smaller hands than the company’s MX Vertical. However, we’re not entirely convinced about the benefits of the overall ergonomic improvements, and find it more difficult to move accurately than conventional mice. It’s a capable productivity mouse otherwise, though.

For more mouse recommendations, check out our best mouse guide. Meanwhile, if you own the Logitech Lift or are tempted to buy one, let us know your thoughts and questions via the Custom PC Facebook pageTwitter page, or by joining our 400,000+ member Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group.