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Logitech F310 review

With its DirectInput and XInput switch and dual analog sticks, this Logitech controller is versatile and decent value but it certainly has its limitations.

Logitech F310 gamepad closeup

Our Verdict


Cheap and cheerful, there’s a lot to like about the Logtiech F310, although there are better bargains to be found.

As one of the cheapest fully-featured (analog triggers and thumbsticks) gamepads on the market, the Logitech F310 understandably lacks the finesse of some of its pricier competitors, but it still gets the basics done. However, its design certainly leaves no doubt about its low-cost status.

The combination of the two-tone blue and black shell, its generally lightweight, hollow feel, and jewel-like ABXY buttons have a distinct toy-like quality to them that makes this controller look and feel cheap.

The lightness comes in part from the fact that there are no haptic feedback motors, plus the fact it’s a wired-only controller, so there are no batteries adding to its mass. Its cable is also tethered and measures 1.8m long, which is ample for desk use but will be a bit short for sofa use with a living room PC.

This is a robustly-built controller, though, with no amount of aggressive gripping and twisting eliciting the slightest creak or bend. Instead, it’s in the crispness of its buttons and the smoothness of its analog controls that the F310 shows its cheapness.

Logitech F310 front

For example, the analog sticks are stiffer than most and take more force to start moving, making it difficult to use them accurately, particularly around the crucial central area where accurate small movements are so important. The analog triggers are also quite stiff and have a relatively short throw, again making accuracy an issue.

The upshot is that the F310 isn’t great for more demanding analog control such as playing competitive first-person shooters. They’re an upgrade on keyboard control for racing games and flight sims, where any sort of analog control is better than none, but better-quality controllers will give you more finesse.

Along with its full complement of digital and analog controls, there’s also a switch on the rear for swapping between DirectInput and XInput modes. DirectInput is the older standard used for games in Windows, with XInput being the more modern version.

As such, this otherwise basic controller is an ideal choice for those seeking a single basic controller that they can use with a host of games old and new. Because of this simple switch system, installation is completely plug-and-play too, so there are no driver or compatibility hurdles to overcome. It just works.

Meanwhile, a button on the front of the controller lets you switch between flight and racing modes. This switches the default assignments of the D-pad and left thumbstick so that the D-pad controls movement and the thumbstick controls POV for sports mode, and vice versa for racing mode.

Logitech F310 gamepad oblique view

In terms of ergonomics, it’s very reminiscent of the older Sony DualShock 3, with very small, steeply-sloped grips and two analog sticks positioned in the middle. It works fine if you’re holding the controller in a conventional manner, with your thumbs on the sticks/D-pad, and index and middle fingers on the bumper buttons and triggers.

However, it’s far from the most comfortable pad we’ve used. The deep grooves on the back into which your fingers nestle also make it awkward for alternative grip styles, such as claw grip, for example. The relatively long distance between the top edge of the controller and the ABXY buttons makes using different grip styles more difficult too.

Logitech F310 pros and cons


  • Full range of controls for low price
  • Sony DualShock-style layout
  • DirectInput and XInput modes


  • Cheap look
  • Slightly awkward shape
  • Clunky analog controls

Logitech F310 specs

The Logitech F310 specs list is:

Weight 295g
Connections Tethered USB cable
Button layout Sony DualShock-style
Extras DirectInput and XInput switch
Battery N/A

Logitech F310 price

The Logitech F310 price is $25 (£20) making it a very cheap controller with dual analog controls.

Price: Expect to pay $25 (£20).

Logitech F310 review conclusion

The Logitech F310 is a basic controller, with no rumble motors, no wireless mode, and a generally cheap quality to its buttons and analog controls. Its shape and color scheme are also distinctly toy-like.

However, it gets the job done and its analog controls are sufficiently fine-grained to make for an improvement for racing games and flight sims over a keyboard. Its DirectInput and XInput modes also make it quite versatile. If you’re on a really tight budget, it does the job, but you’d be better off spending just a little more.

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