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Klipsch R-41PM review

These large desktop computer speakers offer stunning sound and have loads of features, including Bluetooth, but they're quite large and expensive.

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Our Verdict


Big boxes with big bass, the Klipsch R-41PM speakers deliver everything you’d hope from a large, pricey desktop speaker set.

The Klipsch R-41PM pushes the limits of conventional desktop or PC speakers for one key reason – size. The R-41PM speakers have a height of 287mm and depth of 216mm, making them far larger than most other computer speakers. When sat side-by-side with the likes of the AudioEngine A1, Edifier R128DB, or even the Ruark Audio MR1, the R-41PM units dwarf those of the competition. However, size generally brings a host of advantages for any speaker design, and sure enough, the R-41PM delivers the sonic goods.

Klipsch R-41PM sound quality

The large 100mm full-range drivers and high-quality tweeters in each speaker along with the powerful amplifier housed in the right speaker make for a sound that’s more than a match for many hi-fi systems. The most obvious factor, other than the sheer power on tap, is the overall range, with the wonderfully engaging top-end detail delivered alongside loads of mid-range warmth and driving bass.

In fact, the bass is almost a little much. From our past experience of Klipsch headphones, we know the company tends to push its bass presentation a little – as it’s a very popular sound profile – and that’s the case here too. Largely, it will suit the preference of many listeners, and is a great match for games, movies and many musical genres. However, for some music, the bass is a bit over done.

It’s a shame the company hasn’t included bass and treble controls to allow users to tweak the tone balance themselves. The bass port is also rear-facing, so you’ll need to provide some room behind the speakers to allow them to breathe.

Klipsch R-41PM design

Where these speakers are surprisingly less accomplished – especially given their hefty price – is in their physical design. The totally straight sides and sharp corners with a black wood-effect vinyl wrap looks just a bit plain. They certainly don’t look cheap, but the curved corners of the Audioengine, Edifier, and Ruark Audio options all have a little more charm to their design, at least to our eyes.

One neat design feature, though, is that the fabric covers are magnetically attached, so you get a particularly clean-looking front if you remove them. Doing so also reveals the fetching copper-colored main drivers.

Klipsch R-41PM connections and features

When it comes to features, the R-41PM speakers keep all their extras hidden, with the front, top, and sides of each unit being completely devoid of knobs or buttons. Just a small triangle of translucent black plastic on the front of the right speaker, under its grille, gives away this set’s remote-control capability.

However, round the back of the right speaker you’ll find plenty of extras. There’s a volume and source-select dial, a ground point, USB and optical digital audio inputs, a 3.5mm jack and twin RCA analog inputs, a subwoofer output, a switch for selecting line or phono input levels (for use with a record player), the banana plug/screw points for the left speaker’s very long and thick cable and the figure-of-eight mains input. It’s an exhaustive selection that, when combined with the Bluetooth connection, makes for a hugely versatile setup.

The remote control is handy too. You can adjust the volume of the speakers and sub, control Bluetooth playback, and select input, as well as turn off the little LED that glows through the front of the right speaker. It’s particularly useful given the lack of any front controls.

Klipsch R-41PM pros and cons


  • Very powerful sound
  • Masses of sonic detail
  • Loads of bass
  • Lots of features


  • No front-mounted controls
  • Rear bass port limits positioning
  • Slightly boring design
  • Bass a bit strong and non-adjustable

Klipsch R-41PM specs

The Klipsch R-41PM specs list is:

Dimensions (mm) 146 x 216 x 287 (W x D x H)
Audio config  1 x 100mm woofer and 1 x 25mm tweeter per speaker with rear bass port
Nominal power output  70W
Frequency range 76Hz – 21,000kHz
Connections  Phono stereo input, 3.5mm stereo input, digital optical input, USB audio input, Bluetooth with aptX, RCA subwoofer output
Extras  Remote control, USB audio playback

Klipsch R-41PM price

The Klipsch R-41PM price is $300, making this an expensive computer speaker set, though its features and audio justify its price. 

Price: Expect to pay $300 (£330).

Klipsch R-41PM review conclusion

Masses of power, strong bass response, and crystal-clear sonic detail define this highly accomplished desktop speaker set. If you’re after a set of speakers that can handle both PC and party duties, these certainly deliver. Their design is a bit boxy and bulky, and some may find their bass presence a touch strong, but they’re ideal if you don’t mind a bit of bass.

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