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Intel Core i9-14900K delid sees massive CPU temp drop

After delidding their Intel Core i9-14900K CPU, YouTuber der8auer discovered that its operating temperatures fell by as much as 12°C.

A delidded Core i9-14900K (right), adjacent to the underside of its IHS (left)

It’s well understood that the Intel Core i9-14900K runs hot out of the box, making delidding an enticing prospect for overclockers looking to cool the CPU down. While this method has proven somewhat useful in the past, it appears the Intel 14th Gen processor may greatly benefit from the modification.

Our Intel Core i9-14900K review wasn’t alone in noting how hot the processor can get under load, as well as its tendency to pull a large number of watts. The same rings true here in der8auer’s analysis, which sees the Intel CPU reach a maximum average of 93.1°C across its performance cores (P-cores) in Cinebench R23, while pulling 294W.

YouTube Thumbnail

However, after delidding the Core i9-14900K and replacing its stock thermal solution with liquid metal, the CPU saw a surprising downturn in temperatures with no performance reduction. While it still pulled the same amount of power, the processor now operated at 83.2°C, a reduction of 9.9°C.

Adding a Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame to more evenly spread contact across the CPU die and the Core i9-14900K delid made things cooler still, bringing temps down to 81.5°C.

Given this is just one sample, it’s impossible to definitively say whether all Core i9-14900K processors benefit to s similar extent from delidding. That said, if you’re willing to take the risks associated with the procedure, you may find yourself with a much cooler CPU for gaming.

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