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Intel Core i5 14400 specs leak shows 29% boost over last gen CPU

Although the first wave of Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs have landed with us, this specs leak shows us what Intel has in store for early 2024's non-K processors.

Intel Core i5 14400 specs leak: an Intel Core i5 box appears against a magenta background.

Although the first processors from the Intel 14th gen range have just hit shelves, non-K variants won’t arrive until early 2024. But that hasn’t stopped the first leak about one of the upcoming processors appearing online. The Intel Core i5 14400 specs leak suggests it’ll see up to 29% performance improvement compared to its last-gen counterpart.

The Intel Core i5 14400 will allegedly match the Intel Core i5 13400F‘s core count of 10, including six P-Cores and four E-Cores, for a total thread-handling capacity of 16. It has a similar reported base clock speed of 2.49GHz, although it slightly eclipses the i5 13400F with up to 4.7GHz boost clock speed. Hardly a candidate to take on the Intel Core i9-14900K but a decent generational upgrade.

Here are the Intel Core i5 14400 leaked specs:

Core count 10 (6 Performance & 4 Efficiency)
Threads 16
Base clock  2.49GHz
 Boost clock  Up to 4.7 GHz

Overall, the specs aren’t anything to write home about, but we also have Geekbench benchmark data to analyze. The i5 14400 scored 2464 points in the single-core CPU tests on average, and 13,373 points in multi-core tests.

The most sensible comparison is probably the Intel Core i5 13400, the i5 14400’s last-gen counterpart. The 14th gen chip sees a fairly small 8% improvement in single-core performance. But it shines in multi-core benchmarking, according to this leak, with a 29% bump compared to the i5 13400.

Of course, performance isn’t everything when it comes to finding the best gaming CPU. Price is arguably just as important when you’re on the hunt for an upgrade, so we’ll be interested to see whether Intel plans to stick to the 13th gen pricing structure for its non-K processors too.

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