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New Intel APO boosts Rainbow Six Siege frame rate by 200fps

Intel Application Optimization gives Intel 14th gen CPUs a helping hand in Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus, with more games to be supported in the future.

Intel APO fps boost Rainbow Six Siege: a man with dark hair and beard sits on a chair in front of a desk with the Intel logo above his right shoulder and a graph above his left.

Although the Intel 14th gen launch was somewhat underwhelming, a silver lining may have appeared in the form of Intel APO. This new performance-enhancing technology aims to help the Intel Core i9 14900K and Intel Core i7 14700K run inconsistently intensive workloads efficiently. While the gains driven by this new tech were unknown at first, early testing unveiled on Reddit reveals Intel APO can boost fps by up to 31%.

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Processor workloads can sometimes have one or more thread that takes lots of resources to process at certain point but not others. Intel Application Optimization (APO) helps your gaming CPU  process these workloads efficiently by modifying the scheduler policy to stop your processor spending too much time on these workloads.

Redditor LightMoisture decided to see the extent of Intel APO’s performance-enhancing powers in practice, and the results speak for themselves. Their post on the r/Intel subreddit details the substantial impact Intel APO can have, after putting the just-launched technology through its paces in Rainbow Six Siege with Intel 14th gen processors.

Rainbow Six Siege saw the most substantial increase in performance, going from 659 to 867fps, a 31% boost. Metro Exodus also enjoyed impressive gains, growing 24% from 273 to 339fps. These findings were based on built-in becnhmarks.

While we’ll have to wait to draw firm conclusions on the efficacy of Intel’s new technology, this is a great sign for those of us looking to eke out maximum fps while gaming. You only need look to the huge fps gains engendered by Nvidia DLSS 3 to see how high quality, proprietary technology can work wonders with gaming performance.

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