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Intel 14th gen proves swansong for Intel Core i CPU branding

Intel confirms longstanding rumors that it plans to drop i from its processor branding, with the Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs the final Core i generation.

Intel 14th gen Core brand Ultra: three Intel Core logos appear with a red cross over them.

Intel has confirmed that it’s Core processor branding won’t continue past the just-released Intel 14th gen CPUs. Intel appears keen to simplify its naming convention to help you recognize the right product to fit your needs.

Rumors that Intel was considering a move from from Intel Core i to Intel Core Ultra began earlier this year after an unknown Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H CPU appeared on the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database.

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It was initially believed that the Intel 14th gen would usher in the new naming convention, but ultimately, Intel decided not to make the change until later. When the Intel 15th gen rolls around, we’ll finally see team blue implement the new branding.

Instead of being divided between i3, i5, i7, and i9, Intel plans to simplify the division into Core and Core Ultra products. It states on its website that the change will “[simplify] the selection process for users… with Core Ultra processors representing Intel’s latest architecture and features for enthusiasts while the Core processors are designed more for our mainstream audience.”

It’s probably about time team blue ditched the confusing Core i branding anyway. We’ve all heard horror stories about unwitting consumers being hoodwinked into buying years-old processors, thinking the i9 moniker meant a CPU would be high tier no matter the generation.

As for the current generation of Intel CPUs, our Intel Core i9-14900K review has just revealed that the company’s latest flagship is the fastest processor going, though it draws a huge amount of power. Nonetheless, it’s enough for it to find a place on our best gaming CPU list.

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