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New Intel 14th Gen CPU leak reveals specs for 65W and 35W SKUs

Specifications of unannounced 14th Gen Intel Core i3 and i5 processors have leaked via CPU support documents for NZXT and Gigabyte Z790 motherboards.

An Intel 14th Gen CPU surrounded by lightning bolts, against a two-tone blue background

With the overclockable Intel 14th Gen CPUs now reviewed and on store shelves, attention now turns to the upcoming, locked 65W and 35W SKUs. While Intel itself is yet to provide specs for the processors, NZXT and Gigabyte have accidentally revealed almost everything about them.

Our Intel Core i9-14900K review found the processor to be as performant as it is demanding in terms of power consumption, but the latter shouldn’t be a problem on the locked 65W and 35W Intel CPUs.

Specifications of the cheaper Intel 14th Gen chips have come to light, following a leak from NZXT and Gigabyte (via momomo_us). It appears that while updating the list of supported CPUs for their Z790 motherboards, both companies included details for the entire processor family, from the Core i9-14900 to the Core i3-14100.

Here are the leaked Intel 14th Gen CPU specs:

Processor Frequency L3 Cache Power
Core i9-14900 2.0GHz 36MB 65W
Core i9-14900T 1.1GHz 36MB 35W
Core i7-14700 2.1GHz 33MB 65W
Core i7-14700T 1.3GHz 33MB 35W
Core i5-14600 2.7GHz 24MB 65W
Core i5-14600T 1.8GHz 24MB 35W
Core i5-14500 2.6GHz 24MB 65W
Core i5-14500T 1.7GHz 24MB 35W
Core i5-14400 2.5GHz 20MB 65W
Core i5-14400T 1.5GHz 20MB 35W
Core i3-14100 3.5GHz 12MB 65W
Core i5-14100T 2.7GHz 12MB 35W

The frequencies listed above likely refer to the performance-core base frequency, as the Core i9-14900 is a match for the existing Core i9-13900 in this regard. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how much any of these processors will cost, but it’s safe to assume that they’ll carry a similar price to their 13th gen counterparts.

While it’s a given that none of these chips will compete with their unlocked versions in terms of performance, some may prove to the best CPUs for those looking to prioritize value. Until we hear more about these 65W and 35W SKUs, the Core i5 14600K remains the cheapest current generation option.

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