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Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review

This 32-inch gaming monitor includes a remote for its menus and usefully pivots into a portrait orientation all while costing very little, comparatively.

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review

Our Verdict


A good-value display but it’s not without its quirks.

Among the cheapest 32-inch gaming monitors you can buy, the Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU wants for nothing in terms of core specs, and even includes a remote control, but it’s also lacking in a few key areas.


For starters, while it looks smart enough, it still looks a bit boxy and lacks a certain finesse. The Philips Momentum 32M1N5500 is just as squared off but has a smarter appearance. However, this display does include a feature not found on most competing 32-inch screens, which is a stand that can pivot the display into a portrait mode. Not only can this be genuinely useful in and of itself, but it also makes accessing the ports at the back much easier.

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review

The stand also offers height, rotation and tilt adjustment, and a VESA mount is included too. The stand also has a very heavy base (making up a large portion of the hefty 11.3kg total weight of the screen), which keeps the Iiyama in place, but can cause the stand to swing around when you’re carrying or setting up the monitor, so watch it doesn’t swing and clobber you.

The Iiyama doesn’t include USB Type-C video input, but you do get an extra DisplayPort input instead. There’s also a four-port USB 3.0 hub, with two ports on the back and two on the side, which are tucked out the way so cables don’t visibly sprout from the side of the panel. Speakers are included too, along with a headphone jack, though they sound weedy. For any purpose other than very low-volume listening they’re too shrill to be usable.

As for that remote control, its receiver sits just below the Iiyama logo on the bottom bezel and it can be used to quickly select input, control volume and brightness, power off the display and switch between image profiles. It’s a handy addition that makes up for the slightly clunky multi-button menu control system on the rear of the panel.

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review

The panel itself is a bit of a mixed bag. If you’re seeking a high-gamut, HDR-like color experience, this display isn’t for you. It reaches just 105 percent of the sRGB color space, so HDR simply isn’t an option. Not that colors look washed out – indeed, this panel delivers very good contrast for an IPS panel, reaching a ratio of 1,152:1. There’s just not that extra zing to bright colors.

More importantly, though, this display just looks a bit fuzzy. We couldn’t put our finger on the exact culprit, other than suspecting the very matte screen finish was to blame, but the result is a hint of graininess to the image.

We also found that, despite an impressive measured average initial response time of 4.72ms, this panel felt sluggish in action. It’s by no means terrible but its raw numbers don’t tell the whole story. Adaptive sync is included to eliminate tearing and stutter, and if you turn this off you can turn on a backlight strobing blur reduction mode. This helped, but it didn’t revolutionize this display’s gaming performance.

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU pros and cons


  • Remote control for menus
  • Class-leading response time
  • High contrast for IPS


  • Fuzzy-looking image
  • Gaming feels sluggish
  • No high color gamut mode

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU specs

The Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU specs list is:

Screen size 32″
Resolution 2,560 x 1,440
Panel technology IPS
Maximum refresh rate 165Hz
Stated response time 1ms
Max brightness 400cd/m² SDR, 440cd/m² HDR
Backlight zones 1
Stated contrast ratio 1,200:1
Adaptive sync FreeSync Premium, G-Sync compatible
Display inputs 2 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x HDMI 2
Audio 2 x 2W speakers, Headphone out
Stand adjustment Height, pivot, rotation, tilt
Extras 100 x 100mm VESA mount, remote control, four-port USB 3 hub

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU price

The Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU is priced very low, making it good value for the number of features you get, though there are definite compromises in gaming performance.

Iiyama G-Master GB3271QSU review conclusion

A great price, a handy remote, and a pivot function are all notable plus points with this display, plus its contrast is excellent. However, its display lacks a little sharpness compared to competing 32-inch, 1440p, IPS panels, and it doesn’t feel as fast in action as its response time results suggest. For more gaming monitor recommendations, check out our best gaming monitor list.