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New Hyte Y70 Touch PC case comes loaded with a 4K touchscreen

The Hyte Y70 Touch follows the same dual-chamber form as the Hyte Y60 but includes a full-height 14.1inch touchscreen in its front panel.

Hyte Y70 4K case

The Hyte Y-series cases are among the most popular in the current high-end gaming PC space, thanks to their glass front and side panels providing an incredible view of the inside of your system. Now Hyte has bolstered that lineup with the addition of the Hyte Y70 Touch, which adds a 14.1″ 4K touchscreen panel right into the corner panel of the case.

Screens aren’t necessarily new territory for Hyte, who did sell an LCD screen kit for the popular Y60 case, but this 4K display is more than just a little step up. This 1,100 x 3,840 display has a 60Hz refresh rate and 10-point multi-touch capabilities, all powered by the Hyte Nexus software. Whether it adds up to making the Y70 Touch a true best PC case contender will depend on plenty more than a flashy screen, but it’s certainly a striking feature.

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Elsewhere, the Y70 Touch has support for up to four GPUs, with additional airflow gaps between the card edges and glass. Cooling capacity has also been upped, allowing for a 360x125mm radiator on the side and a 360x68mm one on top. All in all, you can fit up to ten fans in a Y70, with the dual-chamber design that hides the power supply in the right rear of the case allowing for several of those fans to be mounted in the floor of the case for supreme GPU cooling. You can see the subtle differences between the Y60 and Y70 Touch in the two images below.

Hyte Y60

Hyte Y60

Hyte Y70 Touch

Hyte Y70 Touch

You must be wondering how much this beast will set you back and, well, the Hyte Y70 Touch price is $359.99, making it a very expensive case. In some ways, it’s decent value considering it’s such a large case and comes with the screen included, but you don’t get any fans included, so you’ll be looking at adding at least an extra $100 for some decent RGB fans.

What’s more, the black version is currently sold out and on back order, with an expected ship date of 24 December, so maybe you can print out your order confirmation as a gift for a loved one? Alternatively, the standard white and red models are only on back order until November 10 and November 26 respectively, if you want one sooner. Or you can grab a Y60 for just $190 right now, if you just can’t wait and are less fussed about the new screen.

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