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Glorious Gaming Model O review

Thanks to its light weight and its symmetrical design being ideal for many hand sizes and grip shapes, the Model O is an all round excellent gaming mouse.

Glorious Gaming Model O gaming mouse

Our Verdict


A near perfect design and low price make the Model O a barnstormingly brilliant mouse.

The Glorious Gaming Model O is the only one of the three most notable perforated lightweight mice that we were able to properly review in this group test, as samples of the recently announced Cooler Master MM710 aren’t available yet, and the various Finalmouse Ultralight models (see p60) are sold out and discontinued.

It’s good, then, that the Model O does an excellent job of showcasing the design approach. The big benefit here is of course the low weight, and sure enough the Model O weighs just 67g, while the smaller Model O- weighs a mere 58g. Those are astonishingly low numbers for a mouse that still includes frills such as RGB lighting.

The downside is that you get dust and other crud inside the mouse, which was evident after using our sample for just a week. It’s a shame that GPCGR didn’t make it easier to dismantle the mouse to aid in cleaning it – you have to peel off and potentially damage the glides to access the screws.

The shape of the mouse is superbly designed. Its profile is symmetrical, with the highest point of its bump located in the centre of the mouse. The back is slightly wider than the front (64mm vs 56mm), but the low slope of the back means the rear of the mouse doesn’t fill your palm and get in the way when using a fingertip grip, if you have medium-sized or larger hands. The relatively flat sides mean your fingers don’t slide down them too.

However, both the lack of meat at the back of the mouse and the choice of a plain textured plastic, rather than a soft-touch finish, means this mouse doesn’t work well for claw grip – your hand just slides off the back. It’s decent for palm grip, though, if you have small-to-medium sized hands. If you do have smaller hands, the Model O- offers the same shape but in a smaller package, making an ideal alternative.

In terms of styling, its attractiveness largely depends if you like the honeycomb look or not. Overall, the shape is elegant and the RGB lighting down the sides and around the scroll wheel looks good. Black and white versions in both glossy and matte finishes are also available.

The button selection is ideal as well. The basic configuration is the same as all the other mice on test, but with a tiny DPI button on the top. This provides the convenience of a top-mounted DPI button without it getting in the way. The quality of the buttons, and of the mouse as a whole, is also excellent, as is the wonderfully flexible cable.

However, we do have concerns about the longevity of the cable. You can feel that there’s no protection at all around the thin inner cables underneath the loose-fitting braided sleeve. Performance is top-notch as well. The Model O uses the tried and trusted Pixart 3360 optical sensor, and it delivered flawless tracking performance in our tests, as we’d expect.

Glorious Gaming Model O pros and cons


  • Very light yet comfortable
  • Great for fingertip grip
  • Great value


  • Not ideal for claw grip
  • Silly company name
  • Holes can let in dirt

Glorious Gaming Model O specs

Weight: 67g
Dimensions (mm): 66 x 128 x 38 (W x D x H)
Sensor: Pixart 3360 (16,000DPI optical)
Buttons: 6 (left, right, scroll wheel, back, forward)
Cable: 2m, ultralight
Extras: DPI indicator on base

Glorious Gaming Model O price

Expect to pay: $50 (£50)

Glorious Gaming Model O review conclusion

We love the shape, flexible cable, flawless tracking and superb button layout of this incredibly light mouse. However, the absolute deal maker, is its low price. We have concerns about the cable longevity, and it’s a shame the manufacturer has a questionable brand name (we know it’s originally a Zero Punctation gag, but ‘master race’ looks highly suspect from the outside), but otherwise this is the ultimate lightweight gaming mouse.