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Endgame Gear XM1r review

Fairly light and with a simple, no-frills design, the Endgame Gear XM1r is a capable and relatively cheap wired gaming mouse with a PixArt PAW3370 sensor.

Endgame Gear XM1r review 01

Our Verdict


A capable mouse for its price, though its pipped to the post by some finer choices.

The Endgame Gear XM1r is a simple mouse with just five main buttons and a scroll wheel on its top. However, on its underside it also has a button and two LEDs that combine to select and indicate the polling rate and DPI.

A tap of the bottom button cycles through the four DPI settings (400, 800, 1,600, and 3,200) with the LEDs changing color accordingly (blue, green, yellow and red). Meanwhile, a long press switches between 125Hz (left LED), 500Hz (right LED) and 1000Hz (both LEDs) polling rates. It’s a neat system. Also on the underside are the surprisingly thick but wonderfully smooth glide pads. Smaller pads are fitted by default, but larger pads are included in the box.

Inside, the XM1r uses the excellent PixArt PAW3370 sensor. In theory, it can deliver up to 19,000 DPI and be configured in steps of 50 DPI but, without software to configure this yet, you only get the default options for now. Kailh GM 8 switches are used for the left and right buttons, and they’re rated to 80 million clicks. They provide a more pronounced click than some alternatives, but the back and forward buttons feel a little mushy.

Endgame Gear XM1r review 02

Meanwhile, the scroll wheel is very lightweight with subtle notches and a quite stiff middle button. We found this combination resulted in us often rolling the wheel when just trying to press the middle button.

In terms of shape, the XM1r is quite short and wide so it’s not particularly well suited to small hands but works well for medium to large hands. At 72g, it’s not a record-setter but still quite light.

Endgame Gear XM1r pros and cons


  • Excellent tracking
  • Decent value


  • Mushy-feeling side buttons
  • Basic feature set
  • No software yet

Endgame Gear XM1r specs

The Endgame Gear XM1r specs list is:

Weight 68g
Dimensions (mm) 66 x 122 x 38 (W x D x H)
Sensor PixArt PAW3370 – 19,000 DPI, 50g acceleration, 400 IPS
Buttons 5 (left, right, scroll wheel, back, forward)
Cable 1.8m, lightweight braided
Battery life N/A
Extras DPI and polling rate control button on underside

Endgame Gear XM1r price

The Endgame Gear XM1r price is $60 / £48, making it a relatively cheap gaming mouse, as it should be given hoe basic it is.

Price: Expect to pay $60 / £48

Endgame Gear XM1r review conclusion

The Endgame Gear XM1r is a no-frills gaming tool that delivers excellent sensor performance and all the essentials for a reasonable price. However, its sides buttons feel a tad mushy and its scroll wheel is too easy to accidentally roll. For our ultimate mouse recommendations check out our best gaming mouse guide.