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Elgato Key Light MK.2 leaked in sneaky update

Thanks to a set of patch notes released to the iOS app store for the Elgato app, it's been revealed that the Key Light Mk.2 could be on the way.

Elgato Key Light MK.2 Leak

It’s been an interesting few weeks if you’re a fan of Elgato products, with the tease of two new capture cards at Twitchcon and now the accidental reveal of the Key Light MK.2 through what Elgato might have thought would be an under-the-radar update to the Control Center app.

There have been plenty of instances where a company has let slip some info that wasn’t quite ready for the public, but Elgato might have been unfortunate with this latest slip-up. The brand behind one of the best USB microphones recently updated its app for iOS, only they have revealed the existence of the Key Light MK.2 in the process.

The update to the Elgato Control Center app details the following:

“Support for Key Light MK.2 and Bluetooth Remote
Control Center now supports Key Light MK.2, which features upgraded internal hardware supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi (in addition to 2.4GHz) and a new separate Bluetooth remote.”

Elgato Key Light leak

The addition of a new Bluetooth remote is curious, given that the original Key Light could be operated through the Control Center app and the use of a Stream Deck.

Connection issues aren’t common but are a possibility with the original product, so the Key Light MK.2 upgrading to support a 5GHz connection should be a solution to this.

If you’ve been pondering whether or not it is worth spending your money on a Key Light, you can check out our Elgato Key Light review for some insight. The original model is sure to feature in the upcoming Black Friday sales, but we’re keen to see if Elgato changes plans for the Key Light MK.2 now that this info is public.

Elgato pulled a fun stunt recently at TwitchCon where they displayed two brand new capture cards – the Elgato 4K x and 4K Pro – without so much as a Twitter post to promote them. These were eventually picked up by attendees but just like with the Key Light, no more info has been posted as a follow-up.

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