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New Elgato 4K X and 4K Pro capture cards teased at Twitchcon

The popular streaming hardware brand has flaunted two new HDMI 2.1 streaming tools at Twitchcon, including one card capable of 8K and 60 fps.

elgato two new capture cards

Two new video capture cards, from streaming hardware specialists, Elgato, have been spotted at Twitchcon. The Elgato 4K X and Elgato 4K Pro both target high-end performance with HDMI 2.1 compatibility and up to 8K at 60fps recording.

While Elgato has plenty of pedigree to its place in the streaming market, including producing one of the best USB microphones, that doesn’t mean they have a complete monopoly. HDMI 2.1 capture cards, crucial for their compatibility with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, have already hit the market from brands like AVerMedia.

So, Elgato was taking its time, but these new capture cards, sneakily displayed at Twitchcon with little fanfare, caught the eye of Senpai Gaming. The 4K X and 4K Pro target vastly different performance numbers, but both will be in high demand upon their release.

The 4K X will be a 4K / 144Hz card that can also capture 1080p at up to 240 Hz. It exists as a solo unit, with no need to have it hooked up to a PC. The Elgato 4K Pro, like previous Pro models, will need to be installed into a free PCIe slot on your motherboard before it can be used, even with a PS5 or Xbox Series X. It is also going to be capable of up to 8K / 60Hz capture, which is great futureproofing from Elgato.

Notably, some of the best graphics cards already have HDMI 2.1, but it was strange to see a brand like Elgato take so long to jump into this space when the latest gen of home consoles has already been around for three years.

There is no release date or pricing attached to either of these Elgato capture cards for now, but we imagine it won’t be too long until we hear more if they’ve already had their first public showing.

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