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Dough/Eve Spectrum One gaming monitors get $500 price cut

Community-designed, stylish gaming monitors available in gloss and matte finishes originally retailed for $1099 but now start at $599.

Dough Spectrum One

Back in 2020, a Finnish startup called Eve created a gaming monitor partly designed by its community’s input. That product launched as the Eve Spectrum One in 2021 and received decent reviews, though most noted the price was high and availability was scarce. Several years later and with a company name change to Dough, the stunning-looking Spectrum One is getting a massive $500 price cut, down from $1099 to just $599.

That outlay gets you a matte-finish, 27-inch, 4K, nanoIPS panel with a USB-C input (with 100W charging). G-Sync compatibility, Freesync Premium Pro, and DisplayHDR 600 certification. It’s quite the hit list of features, though there is one prominent missing feature: a stand. To also get a stand you’ll have to fork out an extra $99, but it is a rather swish-looking very slim stand made from solid metal.

Pay another $100 and you can opt for a glossy-finish panel instead of matte. This version is otherwise the same as the matte version but the glossy finish is generally valued for its perceived deeper blacks, as matte finishes tend to create a slightly grey-looking image.

Dough Spectrum One 02

Dough also offers the Spectrum Black, which is a 32-inch OLED panel with a 1440p resolution, but this panel isn’t included in the new price cuts.

Speaking about the price cut, Dough’s Managing Director, Tuukka Korhonen, said, ‘We’re always looking to offer the best price to our customers, so when we managed to reduce costs by optimizing our manufacturing and sourcing processes, we were eager to pass on the savings to the consumer.’

We’ve almost never encountered quite such a dramatic price cut as this before in the tech world, so it will be interesting to see if the newly cost-reduced displays maintain the quality for which the original panels were revered. To that end, we’re getting in one each of both the glossy and matte panels for review, so watch this space for the full low down.

In the meantime, you can buy the Spectrum One directly from Dough’s website or via Amazon.it, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, and B&H. You can also check out our choice of the finest monitors we have already reviewed in our best gaming monitor guide.

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