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Creative T100 review

Creative's premium replacement for its T20 desktop speakers add Bluetooth and have a remote but the included USB connection is an odd addition.

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Our Verdict


A touch overpriced, but you get a smart design and lots of useful features.

Creative has consistently made some of the most well-regarded PC speakers for decades now, with the Creative T20 speakers being a favorite of ours for many years. At the top end of its current range of stereo speakers, though, is the Creative T100, which add Bluetooth and USB audio playback, as well as an infrared remote control, making for a far more convenient all-round package than the T20 set.

Creative T100 design

Another key improvement over the T20 is the design of the T100 speakers. Each speaker’s oblong shape and curved front is covered completely by a painted black metal grille, giving them a much smarter overall look than the sparkly paint and yellow highlights of the T20 speakers.

That said, there’s still a noticeable lightweight plasticky quality here when compared to more truly premium speakers, such as the AudioEngine A1 or Edifier G5000. That’s somewhat to be expected given their mid-range price, but it’s exacerbated by the choice of glossy plastic for the backs and sides of the units – a matt finish would mask the plastic build to a degree and certainly wouldn’t be so prone to fingerprints and scratches.

The front grilles aren’t removable, and neither is the cable that exits the back of the left speaker to plug into the right speaker. Its 2.4m length should be ample for most desktop setups, but if it does prove too short, you’ll have a tough time fitting a longer cable.

Creative T100 top of right speaker

On top of the right speaker are three rubber buttons for input, volume up/down, and power, while an infrared remote provides several other controls, such as changing treble and bass levels, controlling Bluetooth playback and changing EQ. It doesn’t come with batteries (two AAAs), though, and the buttons are rather unsatisfying rubber ones. We also initially kept confusing the treble/bass controls for volume, but it gets the job done and beats having no remote.

Creative T100 remote

Creative T100 connections and features

Round the back of the right speaker are all the inputs and outputs, consisting of a 3.5mm analog input, optical digital input, USB input, the left speaker output, and the 18V power input (external power brick included). The USB input is an odd one, as it’s not a Type-B port for connecting to a computer but rather a Type-A port for plugging in USB flash drives, providing the ability to play FLAC, WAV and MP3 audio files. In today’s streaming-focused world that feels like a very dated feature – a digital PC hook-up would be far more useful.

Creative T100 side

Creative T100 sound quality

When it comes to audio quality, the T100’s 70mm drivers and 25mm tweeters deliver all the power you should need for desktop listening, easily filling a small room with undistorted sound. They’re also ample for small late-night kitchen party duties and for use with smaller TVs.

Where they come up a little short is in fine detail and bass presence. The small cabinets and drivers simply can’t drive the lowest rumbles, while the amp and driver combo can’t reproduce the final bit of sparkle of more expensive units. The Edifier R1280DB speakers have more bass presence and smoother overall presentation, and the Audioengine A1 speakers have a much smoother, more detailed top-end.

Creative T100 review 01

Creative T100 pros and cons


  • Slick design
  • Useful remote
  • Analog and digital inputs


  • Slightly boxy sound
  • Glossy plastic exterior
  • No USB PC connection

Creative T100 specs

The Creative T100 specs list is:

Dimensions (mm) 93 x 130 x 208 (W x D x H)
Audio config  1 x 70mm woofer and 1 x 25mm tweeter per speaker with rear bass port
Nominal power output  40W
Frequency range 76Hz – 21,000kHz
Connections  3.5mm stereo input, digital optical input, USB audio input, Bluetooth 5
Extras  Remote control, volume, source, and power buttons on right speaker

Creative T100 price

The Creative T100 price is $99, making them a mid-priced set of stereo PC speakers. 

Price: Expect to pay $99 (£99).

Creative T100 review conclusion

The Creative T100 speaker set offers a great combination of features – even if the USB flash drive playback is a bit odd – and the speakers look great. They’re also easy to use and sound okay for their size. If you’re not fussed about the remote control, though, the much cheaper T20s will give you similar audio performance.

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