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New Corsair K65 Pro Mini gaming keyboard is small and quiet

Taking a cue from the broader gaming keyboard market, Corsair has added sound dampening to its new 65% keyboard, along with optical OPX switches.

corsair k65 pro mini rgb

Corsair has just unveiled the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB 65% gaming keyboard that includes the company’s superfast-responding optical OPX switches, sound-dampening layers, and tough PBT keycaps.

The 65% aspect of the board refers to its layout that does away with the numpad and several of the keys from the Home/End cluster. Meanwhile, the Mini part of the name refers to the fact the layout being compact, with the cursor keys smooshed up against the other keys. The result is a keyboard with a very small footprint that frees up desk space and makes for a tidier look too.

Corsair has equipped the new board with its own OPX optical switches that have a ludicrous 150 million keystroke rate lifetime, while the board’s polling rate can hit 8,000Hz. The keys only offer a linear key action, rather than the tactile or clicky action of some gaming keyswitches, though.

Quite often, such linear keyswitches can be quite noisey, compared to tactile switches, but Corsair has tackled that by adding two layers of sound-deadning inside the casing of the board. We’ve seen how effective such sound-deadending can be with boards such as the Razer Huntsman V2 and the Ducky One 3 – both boards that make it onto our best gaming keyboard list – so we’d expect similar sonic bliss from the K65 Pro Mini.

Topping the keyswitches are doubleshot keys, though Corsair doesn’t specify if they’re made from hard-wearing PBT plastic rather than ABS. Being doubleshot means the key legends (labels) are made with a whole second layer of plastic rather than just painted on, so they last longer.

Underneath the keys, the case of the keyboard is finished in aluminium while the switches offer per-key RGB backlighting too. Round the back of the board is a USB 3 Type-C port with a braided cable included in the box.

The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB 65% release date is today July 13th, 2023 and the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB price is $129.99.

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