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Grab this superb Corsair K65 Mini keyboard for $49 while you still can

Treat yourself to a great quality 60 percent-size mechanical keyboard for a ridiculously low price, with this Corsair K65 Mini gaming keyboard deal.

Corsair K65 mini deal

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard and like the mini 60 percent form factor, this new Corsair K65 Mini deal is perfect for you. The petite but powerful keyboard is available for just $50, which is an absolute steal for a unit that cost $120 when it was first released. That high price kept it off our best gaming keyboard list, but at $50 Corsair‘s first 60 percent typing tool is just about the best gaming keyboard deal you can get right now.

The Amazon deal that you can find linked below makes for a huge 55 percent discount, according to Amazon’s listing, and an even higher drop from its original launch price. In our Corsair K65 Mini review, we were impressed by its general build quality, stylish design, and the convenience of its removable USB-C cable

Our only two gripes were its slightly inconvenient cursor key layout (the low number of keys means 60 percent keyboards always come with layout compromises) and the high price. This discount won’t fix the layout – reprogramming the layout and swapping out a few keycaps will sort that – but it does fix the pricing problem.

As you might have guessed, this discount is for Amazon.com (US) buyers only. Readers in the UK can currently get this keyboard for £80, which isn’t the lowest it’s ever been but still lower than the £110 price often attached to this keyboard. Likewise, shoppers in Europe can find it on sale today in many Amazon stores, including Amazon.de listing it for €100 – down from its usual €110-€130 price.

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