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Grab this Starfield Elgato streaming gear while you can

Corsair/Elgato and Bethesda have teamed up to deliver some Starfield peripherals, in the shape of the Wave 3 microphone and Stream Deck stream controller.

Starfield Elgato Stream Deck Wave 3

With Starfield reviews now doing the rounds and public access to the game just days away, Corsair subsidiary, Elgato, has released a pair of stellar Starfield-themed streaming accessories adorned with custom Starfield artwork. The Starfield Wave 3 microphone and Starfield Stream Deck bring fantastic Elgato functionality and stunning Starfield artwork to your desk.

The Wave 3 is Elgato’s top-tier streaming microphone that features a mix and mic-monitoring volume control, compact side-address design, and integrated movable mount. It uses a USB-C connection to deliver up to a 96KHz sample rate for top-notch audio quality, as we found in our Elgato Wave 3 review.

Starfield Elgato Wave 3

The Starfield-modified version is finished in the signature off-white Starfield color that also adorns the Starfield AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. The protective grille over the microphone is then covered in a literal star field pattern while little electronics-like details finish off the look.

As for the Starfield Stream Deck, this uses the standard Elgato Stream Deck – rather than the XL or mini – as a base platform, and adorns it with a similar color scheme and pattern to the microphone. However, it has the prominent and rather splendid addition of the signature Starfield rainbow. It makes for a big style upgrade over the humdrum standard grey Stream Deck.

Starfield Elgato Stream Deck

If you’re not familiar with the Stream Deck, it’s a box with a grid of buttons inside of which are tiny OLED displays. Both the displays and buttons can be programmed to show and perform whatever function you like, making for an easy one-touch way to mute a gaming stream, fire off an emoji, open an app, and much, more more.

The Starfield Elgato Stream Deck and Wave 3 can be bought via the Elgato store.

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