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Backforce One review

With its highly customizable color options, light-up rear disc, and premium build, the Backforce One gaming chair offers a lot but is it enough for its price?

Backforce One review 01

Our Verdict


A solid gaming chair, but many conventional office chairs offer better comfort for the price.

The Backforce One is a slightly different gaming chair to most we’ve tested. Rather than clearly being made by the exact same company but rebadged, as is the case with many prominent chair manufacturers, the Backforce uses a different manufacturer to most of these brands and has quite a few features that set it apart from other chairs.

The overall aesthetic is familiar, though. The seat is reminiscent of the racing/bucket seat styling seen on many gaming chairs, with an integrated headrest, high shoulder supports, and a seat with raised edges. We tested the ‘OG’ all-black version of this Backforce chair, so the styling is muted, but other options add colored highlights to the shoulder fins and headrest, with slashes in the lower back padding and various other areas of the seat also having color options – pictures of which we’ve sprinkled throughout this review.

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The OG version is also all-fabric, whereas as other color versions incorporate some faux leather elements. You can also add custom-stitched, Velcro-attached patches to the tops of the shoulder fins, so you can show off your gamer tag, for instance.

Backforce One review 03

Round the back of the seat, it uses a fixed hard plastic shell that means there’s no adjustment for lumbar support or the headrest, as is common with gaming chairs. There’s also a sunken circle in the plastic, just below the headrest. Here you can add an included RGB-illuminated module that again lets you add your gamer branding to the back of the chair.

The general lack of adjustment in the seat means that, despite being rated for sitters of between 4ft 11in and 6ft 3in, as a 6ft 2in tester I found it didn’t really fit my frame. In particular, the lack of lumbar support meant I was forced into a slightly hunched position, while the diagonal-patterned shoulder padding section prodded into the top of my back.

The armrests also didn’t rise far enough to meet my arms, or reach over the desktop while in a normal sitting position. I resorted to adding a cushion behind my lower back for more lumbar support, but this then exposed the lack of seat length adjustment.

Backforce One review 04

Our 5ft 2in tester had more luck, with the headrest aligning better, the seat proving sufficiently deep and the armrests providing good support – the padding on them is softer than on several gaming chairs too. Backforce also offers the One Plus, which includes seat depth adjustment, and upholstered, more-adjustable armrests so that’s the one we’d recommend for taller users.

One universal positive is the seat padding, which is soft yet supportive and rolls off nicely on the front edge, so it doesn’t dig into the underside of your legs. Many gaming chairs get even this basic feature wrong, with some even rising slightly at their front edge, cutting off leg circulation.

The chair also offers height adjustment and a recline feature. The tension of the latter can be adjusted via a knob on the right, and the chair can be locked in position by a knob on the left side. It’s not the slickest, most easy-to-reach system but it works okay.

Meanwhile, the recline feature doesn’t offer a particularly relaxing and supportive position – the seat doesn’t tilt enough along with the back – but it works without having to rest your feet on a footrest to keep the chair from tipping forward, which is more than can be said for some gaming chairs.

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Like most reasonably premium gaming chairs, the main area where the Backforce One puts itself ahead of typical cheaper office chairs or entry-level gaming chairs is build quality. The whole chair is very sturdy and the base and gas lift don’t wobble at all. The castors are a bit stiff, though, so you can’t effortlessly glide around your office/gaming space.

Backforce One pros and cons


  • Good seat padding
  • Solid build quality
  • Pleasant fabric finish


  • Lack of adjustability
  • Insufficient lumbar support
  • Stiff castors

Backforce One specs

The Backforce One specs list is:

Dimensions (cm) 77 x 77 x 130-141 (W x D x H)
User height range 151 – 192cm (4ft 9in – 6ft 3in)
User weight range 45 – 130kg (100 – 300lbs)
Base Aluminum star base with 65 mm wheels
Armrests Fold-away, height adjustable
Extras Gamer-Pulse LED in the backrest, customizable patches

Backforce One price

The Backforce One price is €634, making this a premium gaming chair. 

Price: Expect to pay €634 (£550).

Backforce One review conclusion

It’s good to see a new face and genuinely different design in the gaming chair space, but the Backforce One still suffers from several of the same problems that blight its competitors. Namely, comfort levels are relatively poor for the high price, and there’s not enough adjustability where it matters, particularly regarding lumbar support. Build quality is excellent, though, plus there are lots of color options and it’s considerably more comfortable than some gaming chairs.

For more options on how to improve your gaming comfort, check out our home office and gaming setup ergonomic upgrade ideas guide. Meanwhile, if you own a Backforce One or are tempted to buy one, let us know your thoughts and questions via the Custom PC Facebook pageTwitter page, or by joining our 390,000+ member Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group.