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Asus to takeover Intel NUC development

The Intel NUC mini computer division gets a second life as Asus takes over development and support of the products, in an intriguing non-exclusive deal.

asus intel nuc takeover

Intel has announced that Asus is to ‘take [the] Intel NUC systems product line forward’, selling and supporting existing 10th to 13th gen systems as well as developing new future NUC systems. Intriguingly, though, the Asus Intel NUC takeover is not an exclusive deal, despite Asus establishing a new business unit to support the arrangement, called Asus NUC BU.

Just last week, it was announced Intel closed its Intel NUC division, which had for many years developed a wide range of very small PCs, ranging from tiny embedded-style systems up to more powerful gaming-centric units such as its Intel NUC 9 Extreme. Seemingly the company hadn’t been able to find a sustained market for these systems and the time had come to move on.

However, it Asus has seen an opportunity to capitalize on its long-established expertise in creating small PCs (whether laptops, such as its innovative Eee PC, or its own line of PN mini PCs) and taken control of Intel NUC.

Whether that means we’ll see a whole new wave of exciting gaming-focused NUC Extreme models, we can only hope but certainly there will be some comfort for existing Intel NUC owners that their products may have more continued support.

In its announcement, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel Client Platform Solutions, Sam Gao, is quoted as saying. ‘Our NUC systems product team delivered unique products that spurred innovation in the ultra-small form factor market. As we pivot our strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product innovation and growth, our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and partners. I am looking forward to ASUS continuing to deliver exceptional products and supporting our NUC systems customers.’

Meanwhile, Asus CEO, Joe Hsieh add, ‘Thank you, Intel, for your confidence in us to take the NUC systems product line forward. I am confident that this collaboration will enhance and accelerate our vision for the mini PC – greatly expanding our footprint in areas such as AI and AIoT […] We are committed to ensuring the excellent support and service that NUC systems customers expect.’

The statement also includes a warning about the fact that these are forward-looking statements and that, essentially, neither Asus nor Intel can promise anything right now, so there’s every chance nothing meaningful will come from the deal, but we live in hope.

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