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Asus motherboard warranty to cover AMD EXPO and Intel XMP overclocking

Asus AM5 motherboards will now get full warranty cover for AMD EXPO and Intel XMP overclocking, following the AMD 7000 series overheating debacle.

Asus AM5 motherboard warranty overheating

Asus has clarified what will be covered under its Socket AM5 motherboard warranties after its motherboards were specifically linked with the recent AMD Ryzen 7000 series overheating issues.

Not only were the company’s boards prone to these issues thanks to Asus applying too aggressive an overvolt to the AMD AM5 SoC, but subsequent handling of warranty replacements for affected users has been shambolic, with the company initially saying it wouldn’t replace busted boards and CPUs, despite issuing insecure BIOS updates.

Now, however, the company has finally issued a statement saying it will cover parts affected by the issue and moreover that Asus AM5 motherboard warranties will now cover all AMD EXPO and Intel XMP memory overclocking. Use of beta BIOSes will also be covered.

Asus’ full statement reads:

Asus BIOS updates and warranty coverage for ASUS AM5 platform motherboards with Ryzen 7000 series processors

We want to address the concerns that have been raised by our users about whether recent BIOS updates will impact the warranty of Asus AM5 motherboards. We would like to reassure our customers that both beta and fully validated BIOS updates for Asus AM5 motherboards are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. We would also like to confirm the following points:

  • The Asus AM5 motherboard warranty also covers all AMD EXPO, Intel XMP, and DOCP memory configurations.
  • All recent BIOS updates follow the latest AMD voltage guidelines for AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors.

Furthermore, we would like to reiterate our commitment to supporting the AMD AM5 platform and our customers. For any further inquiries about your Asus AM5 motherboard, please contact our customer service for support. Thank you for choosing ASUS.

The full extent of Asus’ culpability regarding these overheating issues has been explored extensively by Gamers Nexus, who managed to obtain one of the burnt-out chips and tested a variety of Asus’ BIOS updates, and tested memory with and without EXPO. Its findings are widely considered a key reason for Asus changing its stance on warranty coverage.

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