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AMD teases RDNA 3 graphics card announcement

AMD teases RDNA 3 graphics card announcement and thumbs its nose at Nvidia's RTX 4090 reveal with the potential unveiling of its own Radeon RX 7000 GPUs

AMD RDNA 3 official reveal event announcement image

AMD has taken the opportunity to thumb its nose at Nvidia’s RTX 4090 announcement today to tease a 3rd November unveiling of its upcoming RDNA 3 graphics cards.

“Join us on November 3rd as we launch RDNA 3 to the world! More details to come soon! #RDNA3 #AMD” announced the company’s SVP & GM for AMD Radeon, Scott Herkelman, via his Twitter account.

Such a late unveiling suggests AMD may struggle to have any significant stock of cards available to purchase before the year is out, given Nvidia’s announcment today was ahead of an October/November launch period for its upcoming cards and given AMD’s recent track record on post launch graphics card availability.

Beyond this announcement teaser, AMD has revealed no further details of the new cards – expected to be released as the Radeon RX 7000 series – but yesterday a blog post highlighted how power efficient it expects RDNA 3 to be.

Previously, the company has also confirmed it will be using a chiplet approach for some of its RDNA 3 cards, relying on multiple GPU dies to achieve the full performance of its cards.