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Alienware teases new 4K 240Hz and QHD 360Hz OLED gaming monitors

The march of OLED monitors continues with the new Alienware AQ3225QF and AQ2725DF being the first to offer 240Hz at 4K and 360Hz at QHD.

Alienware AQ3225QF and AQ2725DF

While most OLED gaming monitors are still out of the reach of many folks due to their high price, the choice of panels continues to grow, with Alienware having just teased two new models set to arrive in early 2024. The Alienware AQ3225QF and Alienware AQ2725DF are due to be the first OLED panels in the world to hit 240Hz at 4K resolution and 360Hz at WHD resolution, respectively.

The Alienware OLED monitor tease occurred during the recent Twitchcon 2023 event. Alienware gave relatively few details about the specs of these potential best gaming monitor contenders but confirmed the two displays would result in a doubling of the company’s OLED offering, would arrive in January 2024, and would come with a three-year burn-in warranty.

The Alienware AQ3225QF specs as we know them, then, include the use of a curved quantum dot OLED (QD-OLED) panel with a standard 3,840 x 2,160 4k resolution. Alienware describes it as offering “Ultimate Visual Fidelity”. That’s a bold claim but those core specs mean it’s one that’s hard to argue with.

The use of a curve is a peculiarity on a 32″ panel, especially one that uses OLED. Generally, curved displays are reserved for even wider ultra-wide panels – such as the huge 45″ Corsair Xeneon Flex – or for those displays that use an LCD panel technology that has mediocre viewing angles (they’re particularly favored for use with VA panels). It’ll be interesting to see if the curve is a positive addition to this panel.

Alienware AQ3225QF and AQ2725DF specs

As for the Alienware AQ2725DF specs, this 27″ panel will pack in 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, for a 110ppi pixel density. That’s not as tight as the 4k 32″ panel but 27″ QHD panels have long been seen as a nice sweet spot of size, resolution, and pixel density so it should prove sharp enough. Meanwhile, the 360Hz refresh rate combined with the ultra-fast response times that OLED panels can deliver will make for a no doubt world-class competitive gaming monitor, especially for more graphically-rich games such as Apex Legends and MW3. That’s as opposed to 1080p 360Hz monitors such as the Alienware AW2523HF that are better suited to more graphically-simple games like CS2 and Valorant.

We fully expect to see more from these displays at the upcoming CES trade show in Las Vegas in January 2024. We’ll be there to report on all the latest announcements and provide hands-on reports of all the most exciting new tech on the horizon.

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