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This 3D gaming monitor technology is actually amazing

Acer's Spatial Labs 3D gaming monitor technology doesn't require glasses and uses eye tracking to create a convincing 3D effect from any angle.

Acer Helios 3D 15 spatial labs

We’ve just got hands-on with one of the most convincing 3D gaming monitor technologies we’ve used in a long time. The new Acer Predator Helios 3D 15 gaming laptop is an update to the first iteration of this technology that came out last year, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to try it out.

The technology uses a type of lenticular lens display that projects each alternate pixel in a slightly different direction, allowing separate images to be picked up by each eye. Eye tracking and AI is then used to adjust the display output so that the stereo image looks correct even as you move your head around.

We’ve seen this sort of 3D technology before but have never been so impressed as we were with this display. The 3D effect is very convincing, the eye tracking works flawlessly even with glasses, and the image is crystal clear. Plus, the total experience of just sitting down and it just working, with no need for 3D glasses or calibration is so compelling.

The image clarity is largely down to the 15-inch panel having a 4K resolution, giving it a very high pixels-per-inch count, even when the resolution is effectively halved to provide the split images for each eye. The IPS panel also has dazzling 100 percent AdobeRGB color gamut coverage and excellent viewing angles, so the image doesn’t appear to shift or drop in contrast as you move around.

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While the particular laptop this display is attached to costs a cool $3,500, the display can also be bought separately so you can use it with a regular PC. Available in two variants, sadly both are still restricted to 15 inches in size – and are fixed at the same 60Hz limit as the laptop version – but we are led to believe larger versions may be in the works.

The current versions certainly don’t come cheap, with prices starting at $1,099 but this does include all the eye-tracking technology and HDMI and USB 3 inputs.

3D gaming certainly isn’t for everyone and isn’t suited to certain types of games but we had a blast playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits and God of War on the laptop version.

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