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XSPC RGB Series 2 review

With a rock bottom price for an RGB 120mm case fan, the XSPC RGB Series 2 really take the fight to established fan brands, though they're not the quietest.

XSPC RGB Series 2 review

Our Verdict


Decent airflow, but it generates too much noise.

For $16, the XSPC RGB Series 2 doesn’t look like a bad deal, with its digital RGB lighting and a 2,200rpm peak speed. There are large anti-vibration pads too although, as you’d expect at this price, there are no accessories or other features.

The RGB lighting sits only in a patterned ring around the fan frame, and on both sides too, with no light finding its way onto the fan blades or hub. Thankfully, unlike the Scythe Kaze Flex 120 RGB, XSPC has stuck with PWM control, so your motherboard should have full management over fan speed.

XSPC RGB Series 2 performance

Check our how we test page for our fan testing procedure. 

The XSPC’s sound quality was well above average, despite a high noise level, with only a slight drone noticeable above the airflow noise. It managed a decent 2.03m/sec airflow too, although the amount of noise saw its efficiency fall.

Dropping down to 1,000rpm saw the noise level sit lower than the majority of competing fans, but its sub-par airflow harmed its efficiency here. Finally, our noise-normalized test had mediocre airflow at the same noise level as other fans despite, being the XSPC hitting 1,150rpm at 50dBA.

 pros and cons


  • Good airflow
  • Snazzy RGB lighting
  • Low price


  • Loud at full speed
  • Poor airflow-to-noise ratio
  • Not very efficient

XSPC RGB Series 2 specs

The XSPC RGB Series 2 specs list is:

Max speed 2200rpm
Stated noise 31dBA
PWM control Yes
RGB lighting Yes, 3-pin
Accessories None

XSPC RGB Series 2 price

The XSPC RGB Series 2 are impressively cheap for a fan with so much RGB.

Price: Expect to pay $16 / £13

XSPC RGB Series 2 review conclusion

The XSPC RGB Series 2 is an affordable fan with decent airflow and great-looking digital RGB lighting, but its efficiency lets it down and it generates too much noise in order to output its impressive peak airflow. The Deepcool FC120 is a better buy if you want affordable fans with RGB lighting, while the be quiet! Silent Wings 4 High Speed offers a better noise-to-airflow ratio. For our choice of the best fan options, check out our best PC fan list.