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Will AMD be outsourcing 600 chipset?

AMD may outsource its 600 series chipsets that will appear on upcoming AM4 gaming motherboards, for the company's Ryzen processors.

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According to rumours from the website MyDrivers AMD might be looking to return to outsourcing the development of their motherboard chipsets with the X670 after developing the X570 themselves. This is not unusual for AMD, who usually outsource this development, although according to the report they did the X570 themselves due to the difficulty in implementing PCI-E 4.0 and the comparative inexperience of the other company, ASMedia, with it.

The report makes the claim that the X670 chipset, made by ASMedia, should be making an appearance at the end of next year and should properly embrace new technologies such as PCI-E 4.0 and USB 3.2. Although these developments are out there and available it stands to reason that it will take a while for them to bed in comfortably as a new standard.

The chipset market is known to be fairly low margin and so it stands to reason that after this short busman’s holiday AMD would be returning their focus to what they do best.