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Catch a 1TB WD Black SN770 SSD for $49 while you can

Price of high-speed PCIe 4 SSD crashes below $50, giving you a great time to upgrade to a new high-speed drive with loads of storage space.

The price of a WD Black SN770 SSD has just plummeted to below the $50 mark for a 1TB drive, giving you a great opportunity to quickly grab yourself a high-speed drive with loads of storage space. We don’t know how long this WD SSD offer on Amazon will last, but there’s no doubt that now is a brilliant time to pick up a new SSD for a song.

The price drop comes soon after WD announced the WD Blue SN850, which shares some of the same specs as the WD Black SN770, but has slower claimed read and write speeds. It’s quite possible that WD is looking to clear out stock of the Black SN770 in order to give the Blue SN850 a clear run at the budget SSD market.

WD Black SN770 review 01

WD Black SN770 offer

The WD Black SN770 uses the PCIe 4 interface, which means it can hit faster speeds than PCIe 3 drives, such as the Samsung 980. In our WD Black SN770 review, the drive hit a sequential read speed of 5,226MB/s and a write speed of 4,970MB/s – that’s a good way in front of PCIe 3 SSDs, which usually top out at around 3,500MB/s. At the time of review last year, the WD Black SN770 cost $83 for a 1TB drive, so it’s amazing to be able to pick one up for just $49 (and £48 in the UK) already.

Upgrading to a new SSD can make a big difference to the experience of using your PC, providing loads of extra capacity to install loads of games and software, as well as improving performance, and it’s fantastic that you can currently do it for so little money. Graphics cards might be overpriced at the moment, but you can overhaul your PC’s storage system for under 50 bucks now.

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