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Thermaltake Toughfan 12 review

It may lack RGB lighting but the Toughfan 12 is a solid option for a non-showy 120mm case fan, with good cooling and relatively low noise.

Thermaltake Toughfan 12

Our Verdict


Good efficiency and low noise with a reasonable price tag.

The Thermaltake Toughfan 12 looks premium, feels premium, and has a relatively premium price, at $28 / £21 each. It can cope with any situation too, with its peak speed of 2,000rpm sitting higher than that of the Noctua NF-P12 redux and Deepcool FC120.

It also has a hydraulic bearing and steel-reinforced motor hub, plus large anti-vibration mounts and liquid crystal polymer fan blades, which Thermaltake claims reduce vibration. It lacks RGB lighting, but it does come in a variety of colours, allowing a modicum of colour matching to the rest of your hardware.

Thermaltake Toughfan 12 performance

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At full speed, the Toughfan 12 matched the Deepcool FC120’s low noise level of 55dBA, but wasn’t quite able to match the Deepcool’s airflow and efficiency, despite having a higher RPM. Dropping back to 1,000rpm saw the Toughfan 12 offers a slightly lower noise level than the Deepcool, but less airflow. When fixed at 50dBA, it managed to hit 1,400rpm and was a match for the Deepcool fan.

Thermaltake Toughfan 12 pros and cons


  • Great airflow-to-noise ratio at full speed
  • Good sound quality
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited maximum airflow
  • Mediocre airflow at 1,000rpm
  • No RGB lighting

Thermaltake Toughfan 12 specs

The Thermaltake Toughfan 12 specs list is:

Max speed 2000rpm
Stated noise 22dBA
PWM control Yes
RGB lighting No
Accessories Resistor cable

Thermaltake Toughfan 12 price

The Thermaltake Toughfan 12 is reasonably competitively priced for a premium non-RGB fan.

Price: Expect to pay: $28  / £21

Thermaltake Toughfan 12 review conclusion

The Thermaltake’s airflow is only average at full speed, but it makes up for this inefficiency, especially at full speed. Its raw airflow trails pricier fans, but its good noise-to-airflow ratio means it’s worth considering for cases, coolers, and radiators if you can’t afford to really splash out. The Deepcool FC120’s inclusion of lighting makes it a slightly better buy, but if you don’t care about lighting, the Toughfan 12 is well worth considering. For our choice of the best fan options, check out our best PC fan list.