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Thermaltake launches the Commander G series of cases

Thermaltake launches three new gaming PC cases in its Commander G midi-tower series, with each chassis packing its own unique front panel design.

Large PC gaming case with LEDs and fans

Thermaltake has launched a new line of midi-tower cases, consisting of the Commander G31, G32 and G33. The difference between the cases is in the design of their front panel, each offering a different variation on a theme of geometric panels and intake grilles. Past that they are the same, offering a 4mm tempered glass side panel and a cooling system based by default around a hefty 200mm addressable RGB fan in the front panel and a 120mm fan in the back.

Cooling out of the box for the Commander Gs is based on the aforementioned front 200mm fan, with the 120mm ARGB rear fan acting as an exhaust. This default arrangement can be expanded upon however, the rear fan could be stepped up to a 140mm model and there is a space in the roof of the case for 2x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans. There are dust filters for the front and the top to keep things clean inside.

The illuminations on the two supplied fans can be cycled through seven patterns using a controller on the I/O panel, or they can be synced with motherboard RGB software. There is a vertical GPU mounting too, also a compartment in the bottom where the PSU and drives are stored out of sight. The Commander Gs are not going big on visuals but the fundamentals are there that you could go that way with the build if you wanted to, or simply call it a day at the front and back ARGB fans.

The Commander G31, G32 and G33 are described by Thermaltake as entry level cases however there is no MSRP yet available for them so we’re not sure where they sit price-wise.