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Thermaltake announces its first gaming mouse, the Level 20

Hoping to make a splash in the squeaker space, the Thermaltake Level 20 gaming mouse marks the first product of its kind from the company.

Gaming mouse with LEDs

Thermaltake has unveiled their first gaming mouse. Named the Level 20 it is an ambidextrous wired mouse with a 16,000 DPI sensor, programmable buttons and an RGB lighting layout.

The Level 20 has an interesting button layout offering two thumb buttons, one situated quite high on the case and further back. This is an unusual choice and depending on the grip the player adopts it might add options to use the opposite side buttons in a way that ambidextrous mice usually don’t accommodate.

Weighing in at 120g the Level 20 is by no means heavy, but it does suggest a mouse that is not designed to be lightweight.

The buttons use OMROM switches rated for to fifty million clicks which should last even the click happiest player a good long time. There’s also a two year warranty if players do manage to click the buttons down to nubs in that time.

The Level 20 uses Thermaltake’s iTake lighting control system which means you can sync all your Thermaltake RGB products into a single coordinated light show. Using the iTake software you can even control the lights via a connected Alexa device, which feels so unnecessary that it almost comes full circle into critical importance.

The expected release date for the Level 20 is September. No details on pricing are yet available.