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The Thermaltake A700TG appears for pre-orders

A weighty and huge gaming PC case, pre-orders for the Thermaltake A700TG are now live ahead of its October release date for those with room for it.

Large black PC case

The Thermaltake A700TG is a behemoth of a case that made its first public appearance back at Computex in May. It’s an aluminium extended ATX (E-ATX) full tower with dual tempered glass side panels, a sleek minimalist design and enough space inside that you could rent it out to a family of four in London for a couple of thousand a month.

Let’s get right to the heart of this thing, it weighs 20.5kg. It’s 582mm high, 294mm across and 596mm deep. It will comfortably seat an extended size E-ATX motherboard and all the trimmings. This is the elephant in the room in any room you choose to put it that doesn’t already contain a literal pachyderm.

Cooling options are substantial as you would expect for such a unit, the front panel can mount 3x120mm, 3x140mm or 2x200mm fans. The roof of the case can handle 3x120mm, 2x140mm or 2x200mm fans. The rear has a mounting for a 120mm or 140mm fan and two more 120mm fans can be installed in the belly. These fan mountings can also be used to carry radiators for liquid cooling.

A new feature for the A700TG is the rotational PCI-E slot, allowing graphics cards and so on to be installed vertically. The spaces for storage drives are tucked away, providing room for 4x 3.5in drives and 6x 2.5in drives and the PSU is also neatly compartmentalised.

The A700TG doesn’t have a built in RGB controller, although obviously there is plenty of room for one to be installed. The side panels provide scope to turn the inside of the case into an RGB extravaganza, although the casing is opaque on the front and sides, so if you go with illuminated fans you’ll only see them from the sides. There’s an argument that you don’t have to gild the lily too much when that lily is the size of a young hippopotamus and a certain amount of obelisk-chic never goes amiss.

The A700TG is available for pre-order at £299.99 and is expected to arrive early October.