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The be quiet! Pure Base 500 case is launched in Europe

No flashy LEDS or tempered glass here, the be quiet! Pure Base 500 gaming PC case places its focus on cooling and functionality above all.

Plain black PC case on white background

The be quiet! Pure Base 500 case which debuted back at Computex is now due to make its European launch this month. The Pure Base 500 is a midi-tower with an emphasis on neatness and quiet, a far cry from some of the more showy cases released this year but no less advanced for it.

The Pure Base 500 has an orderly, understated appearance, name on the front, couple of rounded edges but nothing fancy, suggesting a case that is designed to look nice but not necessarily be the focus of any particular attention. You can pick it up in one of three colours, black, metallic grey and white and a windowed version is available if you do want to go for a showier build or just keep an eye on your PCs guts.

The unobtrusive aesthetic of the Pure Base 500 is supported by the noise reduction elements of the design, making it a case to be neither seen nor heard. There are noise insulating mats in the front, sides and top cover of the case. However the top cover can be removed to allow greater air flow for performance systems so there’s some flexibility there.

The Power Base 500 comes with two 140mm fans preinstalled at front and rear and the capability to install an addition 240mm or 360mm radiator in the top. Three more 140mm fans can be installed in in the front and the top.

The MSRP is $69.90 for the basic black version, with $79.90 for the window version, and $74.90 for the grey or white version with $84.90 with a window. No UK prices are yet available.