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Sharkoon launches the Light2 200 gaming mouse

Sharkoon launches the Light 2 200 ultra-light right-handed gaming mouse, which still manages to include some customisable RGB amidst its honeycomb shell.

PC gaming mouse on white background

It feels like ultra-light gaming mice are now very much a thing, with several mice now sporting honeycomb casings and pared back bodywork. Now Sharkoon has weighed in with their own model the Light² 200, a featherweight right-handed mouse that manages to bring a 16,000 DPI sensor, modular setup options and RGB lighting to the table at a barely-there mass of 62g.

At the heart of the Light² 200 is a PixArt 3389 optical sensor with a maximum 16,000 DPI sensitivity although it can be stepped up or down on the fly as needed. There are six programmable buttons in total, with the DPI buttons having alternates available in slightly different positions to provide a better fit. The honeycomb casing can be swapped out for a slightly heavier full cover too, and is attached by magnets rather than clips so it can be taken off easily for cleaning. The RGB lighting includes the rear of the mouse and the mouse wheel and the cable is braided and textured.

The Light² 200 boasts an extensive feature set for a mouse coming in so light, and while it isn’t quite the lightest mouse out there it isn’t far off. To get right down to the 50g mark where things like the Cooler Master MM710 and Finalmouse Ultralight 2 sit you’d have to lose some of the features.

The Light² 200 should be available very soon, with an MSRP around the £50 mark.