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Samsung unveils Odyssey gaming monitor range

Samasung unveils its Odyssey range of heavily curved QLED gaming monitors, including the Odyssey G9 with a humungous 5120x1440 resolution.

Desktop showing large curved gaming monitor

Samsung has unveiled its new QLED monitor line-up at CES with the Odyssey G9 and G7. The G9 is a massive 49in behemoth, with the G7 available in 32in and 27in varieties. There are two qualities that are immediately striking about the Odyssey range, the first is the styling, Samsung leaning hard into a kind of spaceship control panel aesthetic. The second quality is the curvature, with all of the monitors sporting a radical 1000R curve. A 1000R curve is a lot of curve for a 27in monitor, it’s a lot curve for a 32in monitor, but for a 49in monitor it is amazing.

The Odyssey G9 backs up its futuristic visuals with a powerful spec. The screen is DQHD, dual quad high definition, with a resolution of 5120×1440, and it pairs this with 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. For such a big monitor that is extremely quick.

The lighting core at the back has fifty two colours and five different effects, which you probably won’t be able to see from within a veritable cocoon of screen, but it’s still good to know everything looks cool.

The Odyssey G7 variants share the same hefty performance stats as their massive cousin although they differ in resolution, both versions sporting a QHD 2560×1440. They are also matt black rather than white, offering a slightly more understated visual presence.

The Samsung G7 and G9 are expected to appear at the beginning of Q2 2020.