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Grab a 1TB Samsung 980 SSD for $45 before it’s too late

Or get a Samsung 980 Pro for just $59. Now is a great chance to get loads of fast M.2 NVMe PCIe solid state storage for an amazingly cheap price.

Samsung SSD offer

Samsung NVMe SSDs are going for almost comically cheap prices today, with Amazon providing a limited-time Samsung SSD offer. This deal covers quite a few NVMe SSDs at a variety of capacities, with a 500GB Samsung 980 going for just $27.99, and the 1TB model costing only $44.99 – a 35 percent saving on the normal price.

You can even get the faster Samsung 980 Pro, which uses the PCIe 4 interface, for a bargain price of just $59.99 for a 1TB drive. The offer isn’t just limited to the US either – Amazon users in the UK can also pick up a 1TB Samsung 980 for just £39.99.

Samsung 980 review

Samsung 980 offer

The Samsung 980 is currently listed on our guide to the best gaming SSD, as while its initially high price meant it didn’t do that well in our original Samsung 980 review, recent price drops have made it great value, and that’s especially the case now.

It uses the PCIe 3 interface, so it’s not as fast as the latest PCIe 4 and 5 drives. However, you’ll only notice these speeds in large sequential data transfers – the Samsung 980 is plenty quick enough for most people’s needs, and getting 1TB for just $44.99 is fantastic value.

Samsung 980 Pro review

Samsung 980 Pro offer

Meanwhile, the Samsung 980 Pro uses the PCIe 4 interface, and has much faster sequential read and write speeds than the standard Samsung 980, hitting 6,662MB/s and 4,926MB/s respectively in our tests. For an extra $15 over the Samsung 980, you might as well get the extra performance from the Pro drive while this offer stands.

A new SSD can make a big difference to the experience of using your PC, providing loads of extra capacity to install all the games you want, as well as improving performance, and it’s great that you can currently do it for so little money.

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