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Rumour Control: More Navi GPU specs leaked

AMD looks set to expand its GPU lineup beyond the mid-range market, with recent trademark filings suggesting a Radeon RX 5950X XT may be on the cards.

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A few weeks back, Sapphire accidentally let a pile of cats out of the bag with regard to upcoming graphics card releases. This Tweet purported to show that other card designations were being trademarked by Sapphire, in a range extending up to the Radeon RX 5950XT. What’s in a name, or a series of names? Not much until now.

However, Komachi Ensaka has gone on to dig up some further information pertaining to these mysterious cards. This Tweet points to an entry on Compubench that seems to be Navi 14, a likely contender for being the GPU under the hood of a potential Radeon RX 5600 card.

Speculations around the specification for the GPU continue in the thread. Based on the Compubench information, it’s suggested that it might have 4GB of RAM and 24 Computing Units, indicating a much lower specification than the new Radeon RX 5700-series.