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Rumour Control: Intel’s roadmap leaked?

Comet Lake S processors could arrive next year should a potential leak of the Intel Roadmap hold water, but don't get too excited just yet.

Intel logo in blue on white background

The source of this leak is an anonymous reader of the Xfastest website and as with any anonymous source a big pinch of salt is needed. That being said, let’s dip into the rumours and see what’s good.

The biggest revelation is that Intel will release their new mainstream desktop CPU series in Q1 of 2020. This will be the Comet Lake-S and it is said to feature up to ten cores with up to twenty threads.

These new Intel CPUs will use an LGA1200 socket on 400 series motherboards. Comet Lake-S is still based on 14nm fabrication, so expectations for clock speed might be high even with a large number of cores because of how much experience Intel has with this process.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this leak, if it proves out, is how little of interest there is in the leak. Which is to say there’s no killer feature mentioned here, nothing to set the pulse racing. Some new and potentially quite fast 14nm CPUs with lots of cores, a new socket and new motherboards, but little sense of a compelling rebuttal to what AMD has been serving up recently.