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Rumour Control: Have the AMD Threadripper 3000 release dates leaked?

Team red could be planning a big reveal and launch in November, with reports suggesting 3000 series AMD Threadripper CPUs are just around the corner.

AMD Black White Logo

According to documents obtained by videocardz.com the release announcement and the release itself of the 3000 series Threadripper CPUs are scheduled for November, with the announcement on November 5th for the release on November 19th.

AMD is apparently releasing three new CPUs in this new Threadripper range, the 3960X, the 3970X and the 3990X, although only the first two, according to the leak, are anticipated in November. The 3990X is expected in January 2020 and there is at this point no mention of any CPU designated 3980X, so either the information isn’t available or for whatever reason that number is being skipped.

We should also be hearing about the TRX40 motherboards at the same time, although there is little further information available on them right now.

With Intel supposedly bringing in their Cascade Lake-X HEDP CPUs in November, and potentially with a huge price cut, next month should see a clash of the titans. Although the implication from the various leaks and rumours leading up to this point suggest a somewhat one-sided fight.