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Rumour Control: Are Intel Skylake-X prices about to fall?

The cost of Intel Skylake-X processors could be about to tumble, with reports suggesting the HEDT chips could go for up to half their current asking price.

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According to German hardware website Computerbase.de the pricing for the current line of Intel Skylake-X CPUs could be about to undergo the same kind of radical rebalancing that we’ve seen rumoured with the upcoming Cascade Lake-X models. The price reduction, of up to 50% per core, makes sense in order for Intel to retain a degree of marketability for the Skylake-X CPUs, being a little outdated is one thing, being outdated and vastly more expensive would side-line them completely.

Traditionally manufacturers do not devalue their previous generations to this sort of degree, but it is clear that Intel are in something approaching uncharted waters here, and a price reduction to Skylake-X is really the only card to play following their gambit with the Cascade Lake-X CPU prices.

Could the pressure on Intel from AMD be lead to the inadvertant creation of budget HEDP systems?