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Rumour Control: 16-Core Ryzen benchmarks leaked

A new Ryzen processors has popped up on Geekbench, and it reportedly packs performance that leaves the Intel Core i9-9980XE in the dust.

AMD Black White Logo

Geekbench numbers have appeared for a mysterious 16-core AMD chip, boasting 32 threads and a base clock of 3.3GHz, although the benchmarks show have it running all its cores at up to 5.2GHz. If the benchmark figures are to be believed, the levels of performance achieved are biblical.

There is a full account of the test build and the score on Geekbench 4.3.4 here, where you can also find a comparison against the Intel Core i9-9980XE – the results don’t look good for Intel’s heavyweight.

Thanks to the massive clock speed, the unnamed AMD chip comes has a single-core Geekbench result of 6,714 vs 5,528 for the Core i9-9980XE. The multi-core scores are comparatively closer, with the Intel chip’s score of 60,124 still behind the AMD chip’s 64,953. Those extra two cores in the Intel CPU help to close the gap.

We don’t know much more about what AMD has up its sleeve with this new chip, but if it can leave a £1,855 Intel chip in the dust, it’s probably going to be a big deal.