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Roccat unveils Vulcan gaming keyboard at Gamescom

Roccat is launching two gaming keyboard designs, the Vulcan 121 and 122, that each pack mechanical switches and RGB lighting and only differ in colour.

Illuminated gaming keyboard

The Roccat Vulcan gaming keyboards have made their debut at Gamescom. The Vulcan 121 and 122 are full sized mechanical keyboards (the 121 is the black version, the 122 the white one) boasting full RGB lighting thanks to the Roccat AIMO system, but also packing an array of technical improvements beyond simply being lit up and shiny.

The key feature of the Vulcan keyboards are, well, the keys. These use what are called Titan Switches, which are switches with a reinforced housing to provide a cleaner contact which the keyboard firmware can read faster with the trigger point of the key is at 1.8mm of the 3.6mm total travel distance. We’re talking about trimming distances of millimetres to save tiny fractions of seconds in terms of the reactions but those are the sorts of fine margins that a gaming keyboard is all about securing.

There’s an aluminium back plate behind the keys, and the keys themselves have a low profile, so there’s no room for dust and grot to accumulate, plus the thinner keys give the LEDs more room to shine. The Vulcan includes a palm rest and media keys too, recognising that you don’t have to compromise comfort for performance with PC peripherals.

The Roccat Vulcan 121 and 122 are available now for £139.99.