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Roccat releases the Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse

Despite weighing just 66g, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse packs plenty of features in its featherweight frame, including RGB lighting.

Black gaming mouse with cord

Roccat has launched a new contender into the ultralight gaming mouse category, the Kone Ultra Pure. The Kone Ultra Pure is a right handed mouse that packs a 16000 DPI Owl-Eye sensor, four main buttons and an AIMO illumination system in a total weight of 66g. That’s a lot to pack into such a flyweight contender.

The casing of the Kone Pure Ultra bears a grippy yet resistant coating to protect it from dirt and wear. The trade off in having a fully enclosed casing is that the Kone Pure Ultra weighs in a little bit more than for example the Cooler Master MM710, but with the potential advantage that it isn’t full of holes.

The sensor is a 16000 DPI Owl-Eye which can be adjusted for sensitivity using the two buttons on the top. There are two thumb buttons as well so you’ve got a decent amount of additional controls on board for things like push to talk and so on.

Aiming a mouse for the ultralight bracket and still including RGB lighting is a bold move, but it does mean that the Kone Pure Ultra can be configured to fit into a desktop suite without having to sit in the dark like a mushroom. The lighting itself is fairly modest but it’s enough to show it’s there.

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is available now for £59.99.