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Roccat launches Kain series of gaming mice

Roccat is launching three new gaming mouse models as part of its new Kain series, each with unique features and different price points.

Roccat mouse with yellow logo

Roccat has launched the Kain series of gaming mice. There are three different mice in the line-up, the Kain 100, the Kain 120 and the Kain 200. As implied by the fact that the mice share a name what we’re looking at here are variations built around a set of core features.

At the heart of the Kain series is the Titan click technology, which aims to provide a smooth, distinct mouse click, while also reacting faster than other mice due to the location of the sensor and the ability of the mouse to process the signal. Both the main buttons on the Kain series use this technology.

The Kain series mice also share a button layout, the two main buttons, two thumb buttons for right handed users and a DPI stepper button, they also share the same general shape and design. This design includes AIMO RGB lighting, so you’ve got backlighting and LED effects that you can coordinate with other Roccat products (or theoretically other company products if you’re good at syncing up their assorted lighting control suites). All three of the Kain mice are available in two colours, black or arctic white, to match the Roccat Vulcan keyboards which are also launching very soon.

The differences between the Kain series mice come into play with their specifications and then, as you’d expect, with their price points. The Kain 100 features a Pro-Optic sensor R8 that offers a DPI of 8500 and its casing includes side grips for better control. The Kain 120 features a beefier sensor, a Roccat Owl-Eye with 16000 DPI, as well as a dirt resistant grippy coating to the outside of the mouse instead of individual grips. The Kain 200 stands out from the other two because it is wireless.

The MSRP for the Kain 100 is £39.99, the Kain 120 is £59.99 and the Kain 200 comes in at £89.99. The should be on sale from September 27th.