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Raijintek announces the Metis Evo available for pre-order

For a small gaming PC case the new Metis Evo from Raijintek packs a serious set of cooling options for its size and can still hold a large GPU to boot.

Cube shaped PC case

The new Raijintek small form factor cases, the Metis Evo TG and AL, are now available for pre-order. Where some small form factor cases lend themselves to life as a petite, inconspicuous unit for doing computery things with as little fuss as possible the Metis Evo brings more of a pugnacious vibe. Compatible with mini-ITX motherboards, ATX and SFX PSUs and able to hold a GPU up to 280mm in length the Metis Evo has the capacity to perform.

The capability of the Metis Evo comes from its cooling. The casing of the Metis Evo is vented at the front, back, top and bottom and it comes fitted with a 200mm front fan as standard. Such a fan represents a good start, but past this there are also options for a 92mm/120mm fan in the bottom and 2x 92mm fans in the rear. For a case sized at 293mm x 263mm x 290mm this is substantial air flow. The TG and AL versions of the Metis Evo are differentiated by transparent side panels on the TG, where the AL has a vented aluminium case. The side panels are gapped slightly from the case to further increase airflow.

There is capacity for 2x 3.5in drives and 2x 2.5in SSDs, which means you don’t have to compromise storage space.

Although there is no stated ETA for the Raijintek Metis Evo in either variant, both are available for pre-order now for £119.99.