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Radeon RX 5700 Cards with custom coolers coming in August

Bemoaners of the blower design found on the Radeon RX 5700 will be pleased to hear that alternative cooling designs will be available soon, AMD confirms.

Components of GFX card on white background

Scott Herkelman, AMD’s Vice President and General Manager of the Radeon Business Unit, has confirmed on Reddit in a PSA that third-party Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards with custom coolers will be available in mid-August.

Herkelman defended the choice of the blower cooler for the launch builds, saying: ‘Love it or hate it, the blower allowed us to guarantee performance in every system to match our launch charts.’

It’s a fair approach if you’re purely looking to sell a card based on its speed, although we tested the Navi cards with blower coolers and they made a nasty racket. The good news is that a second wave of cards sporting new, and hopefully better, cooling options might give the series a soft relaunch.

Later in his post, Herkelman also referred to his desire to continue ‘jebaiting’ Nvidia, a reference to a tweet of his when there were rumours of a pre-launch Navi price drop. Investigations continue, but we still have no clue what ‘jebaiting’ means.