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Puro Sound Labs introduces the PuroGamer volume limiting headset

The PuroGamer gaming headset is the first pair of cans from Puro Sound Labs to break into the space, diffentiating itself with a sound limiter of all things.

Gaming headset on white background

Puro Sound Labs have made a move into gaming headsets with their newest release, the PuroGamer. The expected features of a gaming headset are all there, high quality audio and a noise cancelling omnidirectional microphone, however the hook of the PuroGamer is not so much the sounds it can make, rather the sounds it won’t make.

The PuroGamer employs a sound limiter that kicks in at 85 decibels, which keeps you from being exposed to sound levels that are considered to be medically unhealthy for your hearing. 85 decibels is not quiet, it’s enough volume to be distinctly loud, about the same level as city traffic or a vacuum cleaner, but it isn’t enough to cause hearing damage over sustained periods. The PuroGamer headphones also have 75% ambient noise isolation, so regardless of the restrictions on their own output you shouldn’t struggle to hear them over whatever else might be going on in earshot.

The headset has a multicable connection, either USB or audio cable, so the PuroGamer is compatible across PCs, consoles or mobile devices. The design is sleek, with a few choice illuminated touches but nothing over the top.

The PuroGamer headset is available now for £69.99.