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Phanteks expands its Eclipse range with the P360X

With some tempered glass and the ability to use D-RGB (Digital RGB) lights, the Phanteks P360X gaming PC case boasts plenty of style for a chassis.

PC gaming case with glass side and LEDs

The new Phanteks Eclipse P360X is a midi tower case sporting digital RGB lighting, a tempered glass side panel and the kind of styling that leans into illumination and stylish builds without going overboard on the bells and whistles. Rolls down the middle of the road, but with the ability to pick a side as needed.

Visually the Eclipse 360X is a halfway house between a sleek black monolith and an illuminated disco case, the computer casing equivalent of a Christmas party in a Goth club. There are D-RGB (Digital RGB) lights on the front and down the sides, offering compatibility with different RGB control systems. Plus there’s a big tempered glass window in upper half of the side panel to provide a view on the interior. The lower half of the side panel isn’t transparent, which means that there’s no view into the compartment in the bottom of the case where the PSU and up to two 3.5in hard drives can be installed. There are further spaces for 3x 2.5in SSDs in the main body of the case.

Cooling options are respectable given the size of the P360X. There’s the capacity for 2x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans in the front of the case pulling air in through vents in the sides and top of the front panel. There is also space for 2x 120mm or 2x 240mm fans in the roof of the case. The front can mount a 240mm or a 280mm radiator, the top a 240mm. There’s a mounting on the back for a 120mm fan as well. One 120mm fan is supplied, pre-installed in the rear mount.

The Phanteks Eclipse P360X is available to pre-order for £67.99 although an exact date for release is not yet available.