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Phanteks announces 400A Eclipse midi-tower case

Available in both black and white colourways, the Phanteks 400A Eclipse gaming PC case is gunning for the job of housing all your components.

Black PC gaming case on white background

Phanteks has unveiled their newest mid-range midi-tower, the P400A Eclipse. By default the P400A lacks the ostentatious RGB lighting arrays of some similar cases but there is also a version with a built in RGB controller, even if it has no built in lights of its own.

The front of the P400A is a grille backed with a dust filter and behind that you’ve got the mountings for either 3x 120mm fans, 2x 140mm fans or a 360mm radiator to be installed. There are two variants of the P400A available, one comes with three RGB fans installed here and an RGB controller, the alternate comes with only two 120mm fans, without LEDs, although it does have a fan controller to manage their speeds. If you opt for the RGB fans you get a colour controller on top of the case where the fan controller would be.

There are additional fan mountings in the roof of the case, capable of fitting either 2x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans, or a 240mm radiator. There is also a space at the back for another 120mm fan.

The side panel is tempered glass and there is an enclosed space in the bottom of the case to install the PSU so you don’t need to worry about anybody seeing either it or any potential nest of cables.

The RGB version of the P400A is also available in white.

Out of the box the P400A has the space for 2x 3.5in drives and 2x 2.5in drives but you can also install brackets to support four more drives if needed.

Both the fan controller and the RGB controller versions of the P400A Eclipse share the same name, although not the same price point. Both are arriving in August with the fan controller variant costing around £62.99 and the RGB version (in either colour) £81.99.